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Why are Women More Quick Looks Old

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015 - Bokep, Cerita, Foto, Video
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Not only wrinkled or slack skin that accompanies aging. Cheekbones also experience changes as you age, based on research of University of Rochester Medical Center, USA.

The research was conducted through analysis of computer tomography scan cheekbones with a number of respondents from various age groups. Starting young age (20 to 40 years), medium (41 to 64 years), until the old (65 years and over).

Based on detailed measurements in three-dimensional reconstruction of the scan, there are important differences among the three facial bone structure that age group.

“The framework will change the face morphology, and overall reduction in volume seiiring with age,” said Robert B. Shaw Jr., one of the researchers was quoted as saying by the Times of India.

One notable change is an increase volume in the cavity of the eye. In men and women, the eye sockets become wider and longer seiiring age. Aging also affects the center of the facial bones, including the reduction of the eyebrows, nose, and angle of the upper jaw.

The length and height of the lower jaw would be reduced with age. Although changes occur in both sexes, but women experience it earlier, in middle age. In men, most of the changes occurred between middle age and old age.
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